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'Short History of the Anglo – Saxons' by Giles Morgan


For any Court Master Mason wishing to write a paper on an Anglo Saxon subject, for presenting at your Court Installation Meeting, but are not sure where to start, try reading this little book: 'Short History of the Anglo – Saxons' by Giles Morgan.

Whilst it is not the most comprehensive book on the subject I have ever read, it is an easy read and does cover most of the key historical figures of the period.

Another great advantage of this book is that it only costs £3.00 from “The Works”.  It is also available from Amazon if you cannot find a copy there.

If you do find a subject of interest then you can progress to other books for more detailed information, such as :-

  • The Anglo Saxon Chronicle
  • Anglo – Saxon England by Frank Stenton
  • In Search of the Dark Ages by Michael Wood
  • Briton after Rome by Robin Fleming
  • The Ecclesiastical History of English People by Bede
  • The Anglo – Saxons at War 800 – 1066 by Paul Hill

Etc, etc.

I hope that you enjoy the read. If you do, please let me know.

Alex Allan

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