The Masonic Order of Athelstan in England, Wales and its Provinces Overseas

Province of East Anglia

Alfred’s Britain
(War and Peace in the Viking Age)
By Max Adams

aelfreds britain cover

This Month’s recommended reading comes thanks to Worshipful Brother Reg Eaton. Before lockdown Tamar and I visited the Northern “outer reaches” of the Province to deliver W. Bro. Bob Riches’ Grand Rank Apron and to collect the gavels and “aestels” that Reg had offered to produce for me. See Reg’s fantastic work below. A true artisan!



The gavels will be presented to The Court of Keith Ansell at Grantebrycge No 150 in due course, and each Court in the Province will be presented with an aestel to assist in the presentation of the symbols of the Order.

On leaving Reg’s home he presented me with a copy of “Alfred’s Britain”. The book actually spans some 200 years of Anglo-Saxon history and not just Alfred’s reign. Whilst the book is not the easiest of reads it is nonetheless a great reference book and well worth getting hold of a copy.

Alex Allan
February 2021

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