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So, You Think You Know About Freemasonry?
So, You Think You Know About Chapter?
By Ray Hudson

If you are looking for “stocking fillers” for yourself this Christmas, you could do a lot worse than buy these two books, by Ray Hudson, whom some of you will know is our Grand Historian.
Ray joined us on our 15th Anniversary Zoom meeting and has been tasked by our MWGM to write the history of our Order.

Ray Hudson is an active member, or has been an active member, of every recognised Freemasonic order governed by the United Grand Lodge of England or governed by Mark Masons Hall, or that demands, at the very least, that you are a Master Mason under the United Grand Lodge of England. Hudson has taken or experienced over 250 different Masonic degrees, some current, some no longer formally practiced. He is a practising member of three Masonic Study Groups.

Hudson has studied for the past 25 years every aspect of Freemasonry visiting UGLE Library, the Library of the Rosicrucians at Hampstead, The British Library, various Masonic Museums around the country and in Scotland.

You may not always agree with all of his assumptions, but they are both thought provoking and enlightening reads.

 A J Allan
10th December 2020

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